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Every car service comes with a COMPLIMENTARY Car Wash or Quick Vacuum. 

(Nov-Mar Vacuum, Apr-Oct Car Wash, weather permitting.)

Oil Change

Engine oil is vital in keeping your vehicle running properly. It transfers heat and contaminants away from the bearings, piston rings, and other crucial parts of your engine. Changing the oil during the manufacturers recommended interval will allow the oil to do its job. Synthetic based engine oils are superior to conventional oil for many reasons, reducing sludge build-up, withstanding heat and friction, supplying proper lubrication during cold start ups, are just to name a few. Green Apple Auto Works only carries Synthetic Engine Oils, ensuring you the best care of your engine.

Brake Pads & Rotors

We all take that for granted. Stopping your vehicle could be the most important thing that it can do. We examine the condition of your brakes during each visit, making sure that you'll have the ability to stop when you need to. In most cases, replacing the brake pads before they are completely worn out will prevent the need for the brake rotors to be replaced as well, saving you some money. You can rest assured that our ASE Certified Technicians will let you know when its time to replace those brakes, or to continue driving and re-examine them during your next visit.

Spark Plugs

Do you like getting great gas mileage, or accelerating on command?! Properly operating Spark Plugs are the main contributor to those attributes. After carbon builds up on them from miles and miles of driving, they lose their ability to provide a solid spark inside the combustion chamber, robbing you of engine performance and fuel economy. When is the last time that you had your Spark Plugs replaced?

Air & Fuel Filters

Inhale in, Exhale out. Our engines breathe Air and Fuel, and they require a good bit of them to stay running. Over time, these filters become clogged up and do not allow a proper flow to the engine. These simple and fairly inexpensive items can save you down the road. Let's talk about your engine's requirements and when they may need to be replaced.

Windshield Wipers

When the rain comes down, the wiper blades come on. But are you sure that they are doing their job properly, and not just sliding back and forth inefficiently? If your wiper blades do not clear all the water from your windshield in a single pass, it may be time to discuss the need for new ones.

Diagnostic Scans

When the Check Engine Light comes on, its time to come in to the shop. We can determine why the light is on, and help educate you about what it means and what should be done. If you're someone that likes to put things off, not only can your engine and the environment suffer the consequences, but you also cannot pass a Pennsylvania Emissions Test with the Check Engine Light on. Bring your vehicle by, and let's get it straightened out.

Complete Tire Maintenance

We know tires! We can talk about tires for hours: rubber compound, tread design, the meaning of the numbers in your tire size, etc. But when it comes down to it, what is the best tire for your particular vehicle and your budget? We can answer that question and more. If you happen to run over a nail or other foreign object, we can determine if it's safe to repair, and will repair it when possible. Call us or stop in for a free tire quote!

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